A Quick Look at Green Tea Flavonoids

Green tea is not merely a natural alternative to sugary drinks like sodas and artificial fruit juices. There is much value in drinking green tea because of its touted health benefits. This type of tea has been around for many years and has been consumed by people who are concerned about their fitness and wellness. These health benefits are among other things brought about by green tea flavonoids.

What are Green tea flavonoids?

Flavonoids are antioxidants that are believed to boost the body’s immune system and enhance bodily functions among others. These are found in, among other things, fruits and vegetables as well as in wine and cocoa. Some studies claim that tea is one of the most flavonoid-rich food and beverages available. Green tea is also pointed out as having the highest flavonoid content as compared to other types of tea such as black tea and oolong tea.

Green tea is made from the same Camellia Sinensis plant that other teas are made of. It should be noted that the flavonoid content of teas decrease as they are processed. Since green tea leaves are dried rather than fermented, the resulting brew is richer in the lauded antioxidants.

The flavonoids that are found in green tea are called catechins. Along with these are amino acids and essential vitamins. The long list of nutrients and compounds are what make green tea good for the mind and body. Aside from physical health benefits, these green tea components also boost mental health.

Drinking Up for Health

Regularly drinking green tea is a good way to take advantage of its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant health benefits. Taking a 100ml cup of green tea will usually give you around 133mg of flavonoids. While there are differences in the recommended daily intake of green tea flavonoids, you should of course always listen to your body and it’s responses and if necessary discuss it with your doctor. There are also other formulations of green tea that can be taken to get the recommended amounts.

Green tea is widely available in loose tea leaves, tea bags, ready-to-drink bottles, and powdered mixes. They are also available in capsule formulations as well as in powdered health drinks. Purchasing in smaller quantities is recommended to ensure freshness. If they are not locally available and you need to purchase in bulk, make sure that the leaves are packed and sealed properly. Always buy from trusted sources to avoid getting fake or impure products. To enjoy the health benefits of green tea flavonoids, you should consume high quality green tea products and live a healthy lifestyle.