Does green tea contain caffeine?

Are you one of those people who cannot function or wake up properly in a morning without a hot cup of coffee? If so, then the reason for this isn’t down to the fact that you enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee, it’s down to the fact that the coffee contains a powerful natural stimulant known as caffeine. With more and more people looking to detox their bodies, live a healthier lifestyle, and just generally improve their wellness, green tea sales have skyrocketed over the last years, and that trend doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. As far as green tea goes however, opinions on the beverage are largely divided as to whether or not green tea actually contains caffeine. Some people crave the caffeine, whilst others look to avoid it.

So, does green tea contain caffeine? Well, to get to the bottom of this question, let’s learn a little more about exactly what caffeine is.

What is caffeine?

Before we look at whether or not green tea actually has caffeine in it, first we need to understand exactly what caffeine is. Basically, caffeine is a natural occurring stimulant found within seeds and leaves of tea and coffee plants. The plants actually contain this stimulant as a natural defence mechanism, as it acts as a pesticide, warding off insects and bugs that would ordinarily munch away on the plants until there was nothing left. It just so happens however, that when humans consume this ingredient, it has powerful stimulating effects that make us feel more awake and alert, and help provide temporary increases in energy and mental focus.

Ok, so does green tea contain caffeine?

So far we’ve answered this question as if we were politicians, as surely we could have given a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, yet instead we’ve waffled on and on. Well, to answer the question as to whether or not green tea contains caffeine – yes, it does. Green tea is the same as all other teas, and so for that reason, it does naturally contain caffeine. It begins its life from the camellia sinensis plant like all other teas, so therefore, just like all other teas, it contains the same compounds and ingredients, including caffeine.

How much caffeine does green tea contain?

The exact amount of caffeine found in green tea will vary greatly, depending on which type of green tea you choose, how old the leaf is, the quality of the leaf, and other similar factors. Generally speaking however, a typical 8 oz cup of green tea will contain around 25mg of caffeine.

Are there caffeine-free versions

Yes. Thanks to modern technology and suchlike, nowadays there are caffeine-free versions of green tea to enjoy. Some people are sensitive to caffeine and therefore find themselves feeling shaky and wired when they consume it. It can also lead to insomnia and trouble sleeping when consumed in the evening, so going caffeine-free will ensure that none of the aforementioned side effects become issues.

There are also ways that you can remove caffeine from your green tea when brewing. Search some of the articles on this site to find out more.