Does Green Tea Have Caffeine and How To Reduce the Caffeine Content

Today people have become highly health conscious and often try to maintain a diet and lifestyle that is conducive to good health. Among the various foods and beverages recommended by dieticians and doctors especially for maintaining a proper weight, green tea tops the list. However, there is also caffeine in green tea, so some people have become somewhat suspicious about the advantages of drinking green tea.

Is Green Tea free of Caffeine?

Since green tea is so versatile, some people may have the impression that it is caffeine-free. But the fact is that green tea also contains caffeine in amounts that vary from one kind to another as there are various types of green teas. Health Research Centers in Canada, Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health and other research institutes agree to the fact that green tea contains caffeine but the ill effects of caffeine like insomnia, restlessness, irritability, nervousness or muscle tremors vary according to a person’s genetic characteristics and also lifestyle.

Hence the small amount of caffeine present in a cup of green tea should generally not pose any serious problems. Rather there are various ways to reduce this amount and consume this versatile drink to fight out other health problems. Following a few rules can give you amazing results of green tea, reduce the level of caffeine and maintain your health. So how do we do that?

Methods of Reducing Caffeine Content in Green Tea

  1. Use green tea whole leaves to prepare the tea and not the tea bags.
  2. Avoid powdered green tea. Opt for twig teas or those made from the twigs of the plant.
  3. Buy the mature green tea leaves as caffeine content in them is much lower than others.
  4. Green teas that are grown in the open and under direct sunlight are better in this regard compared to teas grown in the shade.
  5. Blended green tea is also a good way to reduce caffeine intake, like a blend of green tea and lemon grass or mint in 50/50 amounts are the best choices and tasty too.
  6. Proper brewing is the most important part of reducing caffeine contents in green tea. Use simmering water and brew for a minimum of 30 seconds and maximum of 3 minutes to get your refreshing cup of green tea.

Now that you know the basics of green tea and its caffeine content, you can enjoy every cup to live a happier and healthier life. Individuals who are already suffering from insomnia, stomach problems etc and are extremely sensitive to caffeine, should of course consume green tea with caution.