Green Tea and Your Teeth

When it comes to looking after our teeth, dental health experts and common sense, will tell us that a few common everyday things we need to avoid will include things such as: sugary drinks, sugary foods, acidic foods, smoking, etc. We perhaps don’t however, consider ingredients that have been found to be incredibly healthy and good for us. Green tea for example, is one of the healthiest and most beneficial natural beverages on the face of the earth, yet when it comes to your teeth, you may wish to think carefully about how much green tea you actually consume.

So, does green tea stain teeth? Well, to get right to the point, yes it may, but that does not mean it should be avoided altogether. Whilst green tea may stain your teeth, just as other forms of tea and coffee will as well, there are things you can do which will help to prevent and reduce the amount of staining experienced on your teeth, via drinking green tea. Here’s a look at a few of the most effective preventive measures.

Drink your green tea through a straw

It may sound bizarre to some of you, but when you stop and really think about it, drinking green tea via a straw actually makes perfect sense if you’re trying to prevent staining to your teeth. When you drink the tea through a straw, the tea makes its way up the straw and directly into, and down, your throat, without coming into contact with your teeth as much as it otherwise might.

However, be careful when drinking hot beverages through a straw. You might want to wait until the tea has cooled down.

Don’t drink too much green tea

This is not only beneficial for people trying to keep their teeth nice and white, it is also beneficial to everyday green tea drinkers in general. Some experts recommend around 4 or 5 cups of green tea per day to really benefit from the health properties supplied by the beverage. Some people however, will have more than double that, which may not only leave their teeth stained and discoloured, it may also affect their health and fitness as well. To keep your teeth healthy and white, avoid drinking too much green tea each day.

As always, everything of course depends on your unique situation.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is a relatively new procedure that has taken the world by storm as of late. With oil pulling, you basically take a heaped teaspoon of a healthy oil, for example organic coconut oil, and will then swill it around your mouth for around 20 minutes or so, before spitting it out and rinsing your mouth with water. The oil is supposed to remove harmful bacteria and contaminants in the water, and is claimed to polish the teeth and act as a natural whitener. If your teeth are looking discoloured as a result of green tea consumption, why not try oil pulling each day for a week or two, and see whether it works for you?