Green Tea Before Bed – Three Reasons to Drink Green Tea Before Bed (and Not Lie Awake)

In terms of health properties, you’d struggle to find a healthier more beneficial beverage than green tea, which is why, over the last few years, green tea sales have gone through the roof, as it appears that people in general are finally waking up to not only the fact that it tastes great, but also the fact that it is considered one of the healthiest ingredients in the entire world. Many of the people turning to green tea are drinking it in place of the coffee or soda that they used in order to get a caffeine kick at certain time of the day. As is the case with those alternatives, green tea also comes in decaffeinated form, which is something we will discuss the importance of in just a moment. Numerous studies have found that green tea can benefit the body in a number of different ways, including being able to help prevent cancer, to promote weight loss, to improve mental health, to increase energy levels, and more besides. However, some findings also claim that in order to benefit from certain healthy properties of green tea, it’s important that we drink it at the right times. Drinking green tea before bed for example, is beneficial for a number of different ways, three of which we’ll be sharing with you right now.

Green Tea Before Bed – Things to consider beforehand

Before you go any further, the first thing you must do is select a de-caffeinated green tea if you plan on drinking directly before bed. As you probably know, caffeine is a stimulant which makes us feel awake and alert, which is the exact opposite of what you want just before you plan on going to sleep. By all means drink caffeinated green tea during the day, but in the evening, make sure you go for a de-caffeinated version. The benefits of caffeine are certainly of better use to you during the day, which may help explain why so many people get their day started with a cup of coffee or a nice hot cup of green tea, which we believe is the better option. The last thing that you want is to be all revved up and ready to tackle the world when all you really want to do is settle down for the night. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s take a look at a few of the main benefits associated with drinking green tea right before bed.

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It can assist with weight loss and management

When we go to sleep at night, our metabolism slows right down, because we need very little energy to basically just lay down and sleep, and our bodies know this. The main problem with that, is that if you’ve eaten late on, your body may not be able to convert all of the calories found in whatever you ate or drank, and may therefore store them as body fat instead, which is not what you want. Green tea however, contains compounds which boost the metabolism, even in a rested state, so that your body burns through some of the excess calories, rather than storing them as body fat. People think that it’s just the caffeine in green tea which boosts the metabolism, but that is not the case at all.

While losing and managing weight may be somewhat down the list in the health benefits of green tea, it is still incredibly important. The fact of the matter is that you are automatically reducing the risk of a wide variety of ailments if you are able to maintain a healthy weight. You will discover a newfound sense of energy that makes it easier for you to exercise on a daily basis, and all by having those compounds working for you when you take green tea before bed.

It promotes rest and relaxation

Green tea has been found to contain properties which help to communicate with the brain, convincing it to secrete more hormones such as serotonin, which are responsible for feelings of relaxation and mental clarity. Drinking a cup of green tea right before bed, means that you’ll quickly feel rested and relaxed, allowing you to drift off much quicker.

This is especially good news for people who are experiencing issues with insomnia. Nowadays, a lot of people just reach for the latest, greatest medicine to help them take care of their sleeplessness, only to find that the payoff for a good night’s sleep is a laundry list of side effects that may be more troublesome than the inability to nod off at night.

With over the counter or prescription sleep medications, you never really know exactly what you are putting into your body, and that is something that may be seen as a problem. With green tea, you know that what you are taking is an all-natural product that should not deliver any adverse side effects. What you are getting is a tasty, refreshing beverage that can help you get the rest that you need to be productive the next day. That’s a much better alternative than popping pills that your body may end up building up a tolerance to.

It improves digestion

Let’s face it, if your digestive system is struggling, you won’t sleep comfortably as you could suffer from heart burn, acid reflux, indigestion, and much more besides. The compounds and nutrients found in green tea however, help to improve digestive enzyme counts, can help to eliminate excess waste, can speed up digestion, and much more besides. This will help keep you regular in the morning, and will help ensure you have a comfortable night’s sleep in the process.

Many of the people who have trouble falling asleep and staying that way during the night do so because they are suffering from heartburn or some other sort of digestive issue. Acid reflux in particular can be an issue, as all that acid starts to make its way up to your throat the moment that you lay down, as you are putting yourself in a position where it now has a clear path from the stomach to the throat. Taking green tea before bed can help take care of that problem before it even begins, giving your body one less reason to keep you awake at night.

Taking green tea before bed is not just about getting a restful sleep, but also about making sure that you get your day off to the best start possible. Without getting too graphic, we can all agree that having regular bowel movements is a great way to get the day started. It almost feels as though a weight has been lifted, as you head of to work not feeling bloated or uncomfortable. It’s also a sure sign that your digestive system is working exactly as it should be.

Good digestive health means that your body is able to routinely rid itself of the toxins that can start to accumulate over time, both from the things that you eat and drink, as well as from environmental causes. When your body becomes loaded with junk, you simply cannot feel at your very best. When you are regular, which is what you may get from drinking green tea, you just tend to feel better all over, and not just in the gut.

In Conclusion

They say that it takes 28 days of doing the same thing to create a habit that you end up doing without thinking. Would you be willing to commit to 28 days of doing something as simple as drinking a cup of green tea before bed to get all of the benefits that it delivers? The obvious answer to that question should be a resounding YES!!

This little habit can help take care of some common issues that may well be plaguing you in your daily life. The first benefit that we covered is one that a growing number of people deal with, and that is keeping their weight under control. That nightly cup of green tea can help boost your metabolism while you sleep, preventing your body from storing excess fat overnight.

If insomnia has been an issue for you, and you are not interested in taking pills to fall asleep, you need to look at green tea as the natural alternative that comes without any type of side effects to speak of. Finally, good digestive health is at the heart of every healthy body, and a cup of green tea before bed each night can also help with that.

When you are at a healthy weight, get a good night’s sleep every night, and have excellent digestive health, you are going to look and feel at your very best. That’s a good reason to start developing a green tea habit today!!


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