Green Tea Compounds – What is it about these ingredients that makes green tea so beneficial?

When it comes to our health, fitness, and general well-being, it’s pretty safe to assume that many of us simply aren’t getting enough natural goodness inside of our bodies on a regular basis, and are consequently paying the price as a result. We all know just how important it is to consume plenty of fresh, healthy, and natural produce, but which foods and drinks are the most beneficial? Well, from health and fitness perspectives, green tea is arguably one of the healthiest beverages in the entire world and it is one which we should all be consuming if we want to become as fit and as healthy as we possibly can. Green tea has been consumed for literally thousands upon thousands of years and was once a staple ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. Although nowadays green tea is mainly consumed due to its taste, a number of people still drink it daily in order to boost their health and fitness. But what exactly is it that makes green tea so healthy? Well, to answer that question we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at the various green tea compounds this delicious beverage contains, what makes them so healthy, plus what some of the main benefits associated with drinking green tea actually are.

What are the main green tea compounds that make it so healthy?

As mentioned, green tea is packed full of natural goodness and potent compounds that help make this one of the healthiest beverages in the entire world, some of the main green tea compounds that have experts especially excited about include:

  • Catechins – Catechins benefit the body in a number of ways, including being able to: reduce blood pressure, provide anti-cancer benefits, work as powerful antioxidants, boost immunity, and much more.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine is a powerful stimulant found naturally in green tea leaves that helps to improve mental alertness, boost stamina, act as a mild diuretic, and reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • Theanine – This amino acid has been found to protect our cells, lower blood pressure, and to help promote rest and relaxation.
  • Antioxidants – Comprised of various catechins, vitamins, and various other compounds, antioxidants help to eradicate free radicals from the body before they have chance to attack our cells and cause oxidization. For that reason, antioxidants are highly anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer). They also boost cellular health and function in the process.
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which has been found to greatly enhance our immune systems, helping to protect us against illness and disease.
  • Vitamin B2 – Vitamin B2 promotes and maintains healthy skin, boosts immunity and helps improve mucus membrane health and efficiency.
  • Vitamin E – Another powerful antioxidant which boosts the immune system and helps promote healthy skin cells
  • Beta-carotene – This compound promotes healthy vision and is ideal for improving and maintaining eye health.
  • Folic acid – Folic acid has been said to help prevent arterial sclerosis, as well as fetal neural tube defects.
  • Minerals – With minerals such as potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, along with many more, they act as biological regulators and will benefit your body in a number of different ways including being able to strengthen your bones, prevent lactic acid build-ups, improve circulation, and much more.
  • Saponins – Green tea is also rich in saponins, which also help to regulate blood pressure and provide numerous immunity boosting benefits.

What are the main health benefits of green tea?

Now that we know what some of the main healthy green tea compounds actually are, let’s now look in more detail at exactly what it is about these compounds that makes them so healthy by listing a few of the main benefits associated with drinking green tea regularly.

It promotes general health and well-being

One of the main reasons why green tea is considered to be so healthy and beneficial is because it has been found to promote general health and well-being in a variety of different ways. One of the main reasons why green tea is so healthy however, is because it is rich in potent polyphenols such as catechins and flavonoids that we listed above. One of the main ingredients found in green tea however, that is widely regarded as one of the healthiest ingredients in the world, is a powerful antioxidant known as Epigallocatechin Gallate, or EGCG for short. EGCG has been proven to help treat a number of health conditions and provide a number of health benefits for the body and many believe this potent antioxidant to be the sole reason why green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest ingredients in the world.

It provides anti-cancer benefits

Another amazing benefit of green tea is the fact that it is able to provide numerous anti-cancer benefits which have been found to help prevent a number of different strains of cancer. The main reason for this is again down to the impressive antioxidant profile of green tea, especially EGCG once again. These antioxidants destroy free radicals and toxins within the body, and prevent them from attacking our cells and oxidising them which then would cause them to mutate into potentially cancerous cells. Studies have found that green tea can reduce the likelihood of breast cancer in women and can lower the risk of prostate cancer in men, and in both men and women, it can also reduce the likelihood of colorectal cancer significantly.

It helps fight stress and depression

Another great benefit of green tea is that it has also been found to help to substantially fight stress and depression in individuals of all ages. The main reason for this is down to the presence of the natural amino acid Theanine. Theanine has been proven to promote feelings of relaxation and calmness, and also contributes towards the natural production of serotonin which helps us to sleep and relax.

It helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Green tea, thanks to the potent antioxidants found within, have been found to help reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attacks in people all across the globe. It does this in two ways: The first is that the natural antioxidants help to reduce LDL cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol that clogs the arteries and can eventually lead to heart attacks, along with high blood pressure, strokes, and more. The second way in which these antioxidants prove so effective is that they actually boost the antioxidant capability of our blood and so the LDL cholesterol particles are actually protected against oxidization so they can’t harden and form layers of plaque, which is one of the main contributing factors of heart attacks, as well as blood clots and poor circulation.