Green Tea – Examples of Some of the Most Popular Types

Tea is arguably the most popular beverage in the entire world, and it has been for many centuries now. Its origins can be traced back literally thousands upon thousands of years, and what’s especially remarkable is that the actual beverage itself remains largely unchanged now compared to how it was way back then. Sure the advertising is different as there were no marketing brands etc. back then, but the product itself is grown, ground, and processed in much the same way now as it was back then. There are many different types of tea currently available, though it is green tea which has proven especially popular over the last few years, due not only to its unique taste, but also to the many health benefits and healing qualities associated with green tea. Green tea is so popular in fact, that there are a number of different varieties available, each one with its own unique and distinct taste, texture, health qualities, and appearance. Here we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular varieties of green tea currently enjoyed in countries all across the globe.

Gunpowder green tea

Don’t worry, this green tea isn’t volatile or explosive, but it does pack one heck of an antioxidant punch. Gunpowder green tea is of Chinese origin and is arguably the most popular green tea in all of China. To this day it is still largely grown and produced within the Zhejian province of China, though as it is proving so popular, gunpowder green tea plantations are popping up all across the country. The reason why this green tea is referred to as gunpowder green tea is because once it has been processed, its appearance resembles tiny gunpowder pellets that actually open up once the tea is being brewed, releasing their amazing flavour.


If you’ve ever enjoyed a cup of green tea at a restaurant or cafe, chances are that it will have been sencha green tea. Sencha green tea is arguably the most common and popular form of green tea in the entire world and is made using the most common and practical processing methods. The leaves of sencha green tea are gently steamed and are then rolled to produce the sencha green tea that we all know and love.

Matcha green tea

Matcha green tea is steeped in ancient Japanese tradition and is the tea of choice used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Matcha is made from tencha which has been stone ground. Matcha green tea is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and is unmistakable due to its brilliant green colour. Matcha green tea often comes in powdered form and is used in confectionary and savoury dishes, as well as green tea brewing competitions. Unlike other green teas however, as matcha green tea is so finely ground into such a fine powder, the leaves themselves are fully consumed, unlike other green teas in which once the leaves have been steeped, they are then discarded.