How Many Calories in Green Tea?

For health and fitness enthusiasts, or just people trying to take better care of themselves in general, green tea is one of the most popular choices of beverage in the entire world, and it’s easy to understand why as well. Green tea is marketed as a low-calorie, healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks and chemical-laded “diet sodas”, and it is now available in a wide range of different varieties. It is packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, phyochemicals, carotenoids, and much more besides, all of which are unbelievably healthy for us. Just remember however, that is weight loss is your primary objective, in order to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficit, which basically means that you must burn off more calories than you consume. As there are so many different types of green tea, and green tea-based products out there, each one’s calorie content is different to the last, meaning that some may be higher than others.
Here’s a look at how many calories in green tea there are (estimated), as we break down a list of some of the most popular green tea products. Of course the content may vary from product to product, but just to give you an impression.

Bottles of green tea

For added convenience, green tea is now readily available in bottled form from a variety of different grocery stores and supermarkets. There are many different brands that offer bottled green tea, and although each recipe is not guaranteed to be the same, at their core, there aren’t very many differences at all. The problem with these beverages, is that in order to make them more appealing taste-wise, companies often use either: corn syrups, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. On average (estimated), bottled green teas of this nature contain around 130 – 150 calories.

How many calories in green tea bags

Green tea bags are ideal for anybody looking to lose weight, or to simply maintain their weight because as the tea bags contain nothing but pure ground tea leaves, they contain between 0 and 1 calorie per serving, which basically makes them calorie-free and all natural.

Green tea powders

Before we go any further, by green tea powders, we aren’t talking about Japanese mathca green tea, which is found and used naturally in powdered form, we’re talking about green tea powders that are perhaps marketed as green tea “frappes”. These powders are often enriched with sweeteners or sugars, which in turn makes them far unhealthier, and also naturally increases the calorie content. If mixed with water, as opposed to milk, these powders contain around 20 and 30 calories per serving.

Green tea leaves

As well as green tea leaves in tea bags, you can also purchase loose green tea leaves, which you will heat yourself to make a cup of green tea. Loose leaves are even healthier than green tea bags, and as an added bonus, they too are virtually 100% free from calories.