How to Drink Green Tea – Some Approaches

It is recommended to learn how to drink green tea. For one, it is fast becoming a popular beverage today in lieu of coffee – for a very good reason. It has very little caffeine content, but is packed with antioxidants that are proven to help with weight loss, improve overall health, lower risk of diseases, and soothe your digestive system, among others.

Like many other drinks, it’s important to understand the mechanics of properly drinking green tea to get the most out of its health benefits. Here’s what you should know:

Early Morning Ritual

Regarding how to drink green tea, some claim that the best time to drink tea is usually early in the morning, before you’ve eaten or drunk anything. According to them, green tea should be your first food/drink for the day, preferably waiting at least 30 minutes to one hour before ingesting anything else. This sets the stage for your metabolism to function properly, boosting its fat burning capability, while making it easier for your body to digest your next meal. Green tea also facilitates bowel movement, which is perfect for people who suffer from constipation.
That being said, green tea can also be great after a meal to help with your metabolism.

Type and Preparation

As much as possible, opt for green tea in ‘dried leaves’ form. This is the best type of tea to consume, although of course, tea bags can be more convenient. There are also twig teas and bud teas, both of which are capable of delivering sufficient vitamins and minerals.

To prepare tea, you usually have to have the leaves in hot water for a few minutes. If you’re using a tea bag, allowing it to steep for a few minutes in hot water should also be enough.

Note that you should be aware of the proper ratio between green tea and water. Too much water will dilute the tea, and make it thinner, but this also depends on your own taste. The best way on how to drink green tea is without milk or sugar. If you require sweetness however, use honey.

How Often Can You Drink?

Typically you can drink three to five cups of green tea a day; drink more than that and you might experience adverse effects such as insomnia and the need to urinate more than usual.

Understand that 3 or 4 cups of green tea usually has the same caffeine content as a cup of regular coffee. Hence, you might want to reduce the amount you ingest if you’re having sleeping problems.