How to Prepare Green Tea – Handy Green Tea Brewing Tips and Tricks

For thousands upon thousands of years now, green tea has been consumed not only to be enjoyed as a delicious beverage, but also to be used as a form of medicine due to the fact that it is crammed full of natural goodness that the body absolutely thrives upon. It was, and still is in fact, a key ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine, which when you consider the fact that it is full of polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and much more besides, is not really all that surprising. Here we’ll be putting the numerous health benefits associated with green tea to one side however, and will instead be looking at how to prepare green tea by looking at the best ways of brewing this delicious beverage so that you get the best flavour from it.

Brewing green tea using a tea ball

A tea ball, or a tea strainer as it is sometimes referred to as, is an inexpensive device which can be purchased in most stores, designed to help you to, well, strain your tea. Say you’re using gunpowder green tea for example, you will add this loose tea to your tea ball, generally one heaped teaspoon full per cup. You will then take your tea ball and carefully drop it into a cup of water which has been off of the first boil for a minute or so. Never use boiling water to make green tea unless directly specified as the water can leave a bitter taste and will destroy some of the healthy compounds found within the tea leaves. Next, take the cup and place a lid or plate over the top and allow it to steam and steep for around 3 – 4 minutes (or more, depending on your personal preferences). Next, remove the lid and tea ball, and enjoy. Some people add a little honey for sweetness.

Brewing matcha green tea

Matcha Japanese green tea is very different to other forms of green tea, as matcha is made by taking the leaves and grinding them down into a very fine powder. Matcha powder is a brilliant and vibrant green colour and is often used in baking and whole foods. To make a cup of matcha green tea however, follow these simple instructions.
First, sift one or two teaspoons of matcha powder into a cup. Next, add water which has just come off of the boil and then, taking a small whisk, preferably a bamboo whisk, whisk the powder until a layer of green froth has formed on the top of the tea. Sweeten if necessary, and enjoy. Alternatively, you can simply take the green tea powder, place it in a cup, add a splash of water just off of the boil, mix it into a fine paste using a spoon, and then top up with the remaining water.