Longjing Green Tea – Some Information

Although the green tea you see in grocery store and supermarket shelves week in and week out, may come in fancy packaging, and may seem like a radical new creation, in reality green tea is a far from new concept, as it has been around for thousands of years, dating way back to ancient China in fact, during the reign of ancient Chinese emperor Shen Nong. There are many, many different forms of green tea currently being consumed, many of which originated in China, though others have stable roots in countries such as Japan, and other parts of Asia too for that matter. In terms of popular high-end Chinese green teas however, Longjing green tea is, without question, one of the most popular and most widely consumed green teas on the face of the earth. Here’s a more in-depth look at Longjing green tea.

Longjing green tea

As mentioned, Longjing green tea is considered a high-end Chinese green tea, which is popular in countries all over the world. Though some of you may know it as “Long Jing” others may know it as “Dragonwell” green tea. Some people seem to be under the false impression that Longjing and Dragonwell are two different teas entirely, when in reality they simply are not at all. Longjing is a Chinese word which literally means Dragon Well. It originates from the Longjing mountains in the Zhejiang province, which is located a few hours away from Shanghai. This part of China is incredibly beautiful and as a result, it is especially popular amongst tourists. With steep mountains, picturesque countryside, stunning lakes, and fantastic tea plantations, it’s easy to understand why as well. The tea itself is an unfermented tea, which has its leaves gently dry pan fried, which prevents oxidation. It is this process which many believe give the tea so a delicious and unique taste.

How does it taste?

So, we’ve mentioned that the green tea itself has such a delicious and unique taste, but how exactly does it taste? Well, of course it’s hard to describe the taste of green tea, the taste of Dragonwell green tea is probably best described as being mellow and refreshing, with a zingy and aromatic finish. It is not quite sweet, yet it’s not quite bitter either, it’s considered the perfect balance between both.


Longjing green tea leaves are very different in appearance to many other tea leaves, which is due to many different reasons. The leaves are smooth and flat in appearance, though it is the colour of them, which gives a true indication of their quality. For example, if the leaves are a dark green colour, with a slight blue hue, they’re considered to be of poor quality. Instead, good quality leaves should be vibrant and rich green colour. When brewed, the poor quality leaves will leave a yellow/green liquid, whereas the good quality longjing leaves should leave a brilliant green liquid, almost similar in shade to emerald.