Sencha Green Tea – Handy Brewing Tips

Although it was discovered back in ancient China, several thousand years ago, green tea is now actually a staple part of Japanese tradition and culture, as they absolutely adore it over there, and rightfully so in our humble opinions. The reason why green tea was able to find its way over to Japan from China, is actually down to Japanese monks who were, at the time, stationed in China. They fell in love with green tea, they mastered the various brewing techniques, and when it was time for them to return home to Japan, they took their knowledge and love of green tea with them, and spread the word as it were. There are many different forms of Japanese green teas that are extremely popular, although arguably, Sencha is one of the most popular. Brewing the perfect cup of Japanese Sencha green tea however, is far from easy, which is why we’ll be sharing these handy brewing tips with you right now, so that you too can brew the perfect cup of sencha green tea.

Find the perfect water source

If you think that all water tastes the same then you’re very mistaken as in actual fact, water taste will different greatly from region to region, for a number of reasons. Water which comes directly from your tap or faucet for example, may be filtered and processed with various chemicals, including chlorine, to kill bacteria in order to make it safe to drink. Just because it’s safe to drink however, this does not mean that it will taste nice. If you only have tap water on offer, purchasing a basic water filter and pass it through before heating it is an option. The perfect water should not taste chemically, it should not contain too many minerals, but at the same time it should be better than basic distilled water.

Use the best kettles and pots

When you steep your sencha green tea, and heat your water, you should use kettles and pots made from materials which are non-reactive so that they don’t react with the water. Avoid aluminium at all costs, as not only will it react, some also claim that aluminium cookware can also contribute negatively to health issues. Ceramic, glass, cast-iron, and stainless steel are ideal.

General sencha green tea brewing tips

Now we’ll give you a brief, yet descriptive look at how to brew the perfect cup of sencha green tea.

Add tealeaves to teapot – Begin by adding your sencha leaves to your teapot, generally a teaspoon of sencha leaves per cup is ideal, unless you like it stronger, in which case go for one and a half teaspoons.

Add simmering water to cups – Once you’ve simmered your water so that it is near boiling, but not quite, carefully pour it into your cups and leave for around 2 minutes. This will not only heat the cups, it will also help the water come down to the right temperature.

Pour water from cups into teapot – Now, take your hot, but not boiling, water from your cups, pour them carefully into your teapot over your sencha green tea leaves, and leave for around 2 minutes for the flavours to infuse from the leaves into the water. DO NOT mix, shake, stir, or move the tea at all, just leave it alone to work its magic.

Enjoy! – Pour into your now pre-warmed cups, and enjoy.